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Winter Skin Care

Creating a skincare routine is important, but making sure that it fits with the season is even more important.

Winter is my favorite time of the year, but our skin does not like cold air. We have to protect our skin from not only the sun but the cold dry air. Some minor tweaks in your skincare routine can do wonders to help you keep your skin looking youthful and soft all winter long.

Face Wash

Look at the ingredients in your face wash. You want to avoid anything that will strip your skin of natural oils so stay away from anything with alcohol. Usually anything that suds up will strip your skin so look for nonfarming cleansers. Look for ones that are gentle on the skin and hydrating.

Cerave Hydrating cleanser

Drunk Elephant Slaai

The Ordinary Squalane

"Beautiful skin requires commitmonet not a miricale."

Toner / Exfoliate

Detoxing your skin is important. Your gonna want your skin to look toned, tight, and purified so using a detoxing mask can help with this. You're also going to want to exfoliate your skin. Now you don't want to detox and exfoliate in the same night it can be too harsh for your skin. You can use a physical exfoliator like a brush or chemically, but for the winter I recommend using a facial brush. Toners are an extra step that you don't have to have but can have if you want. If you use a chemical exfoliator it is a type of toner which is okay to use if you are not physically exfoliating. What you really want though is a toner that is going to tone your skin and hydrate it.

Fenty Skin hydrating milky toner

Kiehl's Milk-Peel exfoliating toner

Innisfree Intensive hydrating toner


"Be good to your skin. You'll wear it every day for the rest of your life." - Renee Rouleau.

If you don't have a moisturizer in your routine then what are doing? You'll need to find a thick oil-based moisturizer. This will create a protective layer on the skin to help retain moisture more than a water-based moisturizer. You will also want to look for oils that will not clog your skin. The next thing you're going to want to look for are humectants, these will help attract moisture to your skin.

Youth To The People

Cerave moisturizing cream

The Inkey List Peptide moisturizer


The winter sun can still damage your skin. You're going to want to keep your SPF 30 in your routine still. Make sure you apply it 30 minutes before you leave your home.

lip moisture

Your lips are important to you now. During the winter they can dry and get crusty and start to peel because of the weather. make sure you find a good moisturizing lip balm and it's always a plus if it has SPF in it. If you want to be extra you can use a lip exfoliator and a lip mask to keep them plump and soft.

My last to for you is to make sure you stay hydrated. Drinking your water can help keep your skin moisturized along with your lips. It will also help with breakouts. Drinking a glass in the morning and before you go to bed can help. If you have to buy a gallon water bottle or just a cute one to carry around with you for the day.


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