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Understanding Unhealthy Mindsets

What is a mindset?

Set of beliefs and attitudes that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself.

Types of unhealthy mindsets

The two main types are growth and fixed. A growth mindset you believe your talents and abilities can evolve as long as you put in the effort and stay consistent. For this one a person thinks you can learn anything you want, you are constantly a work in progress, you only fail when you stop trying, and the more you challenge yourself the smarter you become. In a fixed mindset, you believe your traits cannot be changed. For example, your intelligence alone leads you to success, and effort is not required. These people typically think that they are either good at it or they aren’t, if they don’t try, they will not fail, something is totally out of their league.

Negative mindset traits

1- Blameless- blaming other people and not taking responsibility.

2- Approval- you seek approval from others and not yourself.

3- Hyper negative- saying you cannot and using what if this happens.

4- Second-guessing- major indecisiveness of minor decisions. This weakens your confidence and ability to make decisions on your own.

5- Self-doubt- kind of ties in with hyper negative saying you cannot do anything. You are lacking in confidence.

6- Seeing something as an obstacle rather than an opportunity.

7- Letting your past hold you back.

8- Being lazy

Now that you have gone over the negative mindsets see how they apply to yourself. If you realize the negatives in yourself, you can start to change your mindset. Everything you want to do starts with you and your ability to do what you want so if you are going on negatively about something it is going to turn out bad. Rather than if you are trying and thinking to yourself, you can do it the majority of the time you will find out that you can.


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