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The Folk of the Air Review

Books In the Series

  1. The Cruel Prince

  2. The Wicked King

  3. The Queen of Nothing

I will be giving my review in the folk of the air trilogy. There will be a few spoilers. It is about a human girl named Jude. When she was younger she and her sister watched a fairy kill their parents. The fairy that killed them just so happened to be her old sister Vivienne’s dad. He then takes Jude, Jude’s twin sister Taryn and their old sister Vivi back to the Faerie world where he raises them as his children along with his son oak and his wife.

Throughout the book, Jude is bullied by the faerie children. She is mostly bullied by the fairy Cardan who is also a prince. He and his friends make her life a living hell. While she is going to school with these horrible people, she is trying to get her “father's” approval because she wants to be like him and be a knight. Strangely Jude and Cardan tend to grow a weird love-hate relationship they go back and forth between being petty and cruel towards each other to kind of liking each other. He turns out to not be such a bad person by the end of the book, but I felt like the change in their relationship happen too fast. During the book her twin sister Taryn I grew to hate. She set her sister up multiple times in the book to try to fit in with the fay and I didn’t understand why Jude did not just fight her, or stop dealing with her I would have even been fine with Jude killing her. In my opinion, she is the worst character in the book and I wish that she would have disappeared because their sister's relationship was very toxic. The plot is mainly about them trying to save faerie, most of the family dies and they find out Jude’s younger brother Is a part of the royal line. Jude tricks them into trying to get her brother on the throne, but she wanted Cardan on the throne, so she made him think they were putting oak on the throne, but she was not. She eventually is the ruler of the land behind the scenes, but she got banished by Cardan and had to go back to the human world. This is where she ends up living with Oak, Vivi and Vivi's girlfriend. The one thing I hate about this is that when Cardan banished her he said she could come back if she was pardoned by the crown. Which she is a part of the crown now so she could have gone back whenever she wanted to instead of staying in the human world for months. She has been smart in the book up until then.

She makes her way back to the faerie world and Cardan is turned into a huge snake. She is trying to stop her father from getting the throne and trying to help Cardan get back to normal. The ending is pretty good, and She is on the throne as Queen. This being said I think that the best book is the last one Queen of nothing. I loved how Holly Black's writing is it is easy to fall along and keeps you interested in the story. The romance is kind of predictable but there is one that I did not see coming. The book is drama filled and driven by the want of power and I love it. The books are not too long so if you wanted to binge-read them you could. My overall rating for this series is 5 stars.


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