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Thankful Journaling Prompts

In the spirit, of thanksgiving I have come up with a few themed journaling prompts for the holiday. You can use these whenever you like. I hope you enjoy and happy journaling and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

1) What made you happy today?

2)What are you grateful for and why?

3) Wat smells are you thankful for?

4) what is your favorite part of thanksgiving?

5) What relationships in your life

have taught you a lesson?

6) What is something beautiful you saw today?

7) What books have you read that you are grateful for?

8) What have you gained this year that makes you grateful for what you have today?

9)What things for you take for granted?

10) In what ways are you fortunate?

11) What good qualities can you offer others?

12) What luxuries do you have in your life?

13) What service people are you thankful for?

14) what personality traits are you grateful to have?

15) If you could do something special for someone in your life who would it be and what would you do for them?


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