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Nighttime routine

It’s time to unwind and get ready for bed after having a long productive day. It’s easy to come home and feel burned out and not want to do anything. Some people just get in the shower and get in bed. The older we get the more structure we need in our life. creating a routine can make you feel productive without actually doing a lot of work.

  • When you get home take 30minutes to an hour and just scroll through your phone or watch an episode of a show. Then start making dinner or if you don’t feel like cooking order food.

  • Put some music, podcast, or an audiobook on and take a shower or a bubble bath. Depending on the night you can pamper yourself. This is shaving/ waxing, hair washing routine, and exfoliating. When you get out moisturize your body. this you should do every time you shower but if you’re pampering yourself this night reach for your more luxurious body products.

  • After this, you can start your skincare. Wash your face, apply a face mask, use your jade roller, and apply your serum and your moisturizer.

  • Get yourself ready for tomorrow. Pick your outfit for tomorrow, plan out your day for tomorrow, and meal prep your breakfast for the morning.

  • Do a quick tidy-up. Having a messy area is not relaxing and waking up to a cleanroom is refreshing.

  • Grab a cozy drink whether it’s a tea, milkshake, or a cup of water. Sit down and journal about your day, how you feel, write about what you did, and if you can’t think of anything look up journaling prompt. Spend time with God or meditate. Everyone you prefer is a calming activity and will help you clear your mind and feel less stressed.

  • After you’ve had your final cup of tea, juice, or whatever it's time for oral hygiene. Brush your teeth, floss, use mouth wash, and if you’re feeling fancy add some teeth whitening strips to your routine.

  • Right before bed is a good time to read a few pages of a book. This helps limit your screen time.

  • Take your vitamins.

  • Grab some water. I go to bed every night with a bottle of water next to my bed.

  • Lastly, try to go to bed at the same time every night.


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