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My Teen Pregnancy Story

I will be telling you guys my story about becoming a teen mom. Now I was the last person that people would have expected to be a teen mom. I was 15 years old when I got pregnant, and man is peer influence a real thing and curiosity. Most of my friends had already had sex at this time and they were saying that it was so great and so fun, and me being curious I wanted to try it out. Therefore, I went through my phone and found this guy that I used to talk to and felt like I could trust. I asked him and he made sure that I was comfortable with it and knew what I was doing. Your first time is something that a girl never forgets so with that being said I was expecting something extravagant and magical. Let me tell you it was not it was the most awkward and uncomfortable thing ever to have happened to me. I can tell you I was not ready to lose my virginity because I went home and I cried.

I thought that something was wrong with me because it was not like what people said. After this I had a surprise a few months later I was in the bathroom every morning leaning over the toilet throwing up and having hot flashes and that is when I knew I was pregnant. I also had motion sickness being in a car and riding the school bus made me so sick. I waited to tell everyone ( yes this means I hid my pregnancy up until 2 weeks before he was born) even the guy and when I did, he told me to get rid of it and that if I did not then I was on my own. One thing about me is I do not believe in abortions unless necessary, so I chose to do an adult thing then it was time for me to become one. I hide my whole pregnancy until the new year. I knew I was pregnant but I had one of my friends go to the store to get me a pregnancy test so I could show my mother when I was ready to tell her. On news years day I called my aunt and told her I needed her to come over so I could tell my mother I was pregnant. I knew she was going to try to fight and make me get rid of him which is another reason why I did not tell her, and boy was I right. My mother threw a fit and she was so angry and did not believe me that it was almost for him to come out. The next day she was calm and took me to the hospital I found out that I was having a boy and he was due February 4th. Two weeks later I was in school in science class, and I thought something was wrong with him because there was blood, and I did not feel him move all day and then the contractions started. I went home and told my mom she took me to the hospital, and I was only 2 cm dilated so they sent me home.

We then went shopping and to eat. Let me tell you the back contractions are the worst I could not eat, sleep, or sit down. I ended up going to the hospital around 2 am and they kept me. They gave me an epidural and I was able to sleep. I was in labor until 5:06 pm on the 14th of January. The next day I let the world know that I had my little boy. After that, I was homeschooled for a few months and then I went back to school. With the help of my mother, I finished high school when I was supposed to. I eventually started working in fast food and my mother quit her job to watch my son. Honestly, without her, I would not have been able to do it and I am so grateful for her every day. Fast forward 8 years and here we are in 2022 my son is the most amazing thing to happen to me and has changed me so much for the better. I am finally going back to school to get my degree and working a steady job and I could not be more grateful for what I have, and I would not change any of it.


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