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Monthly Reset

Starting a new month with a clear mind and a plan is so helpful. You want to set a new mood for the month or keep your same good one up and going over and resetting your month is just what you’ll need to do. A monthly reset is a time to take to look back at how your previous month went.

Monthly reflection

You’re going to ask yourself a bunch of questions. What is my accomplishment from the month? What improvements do I need to make? What did not work for me? What was a grateful for this month? What challenges did I face? What was my mood for the month?


Go over the monthly budget. See if you went over or if you’re under and then make a new one for the month. Make a brain dump everything that’s in your mind put it on paper or make a digital one. This is where you’re going to write down new goals, events, appointments, things to improve, make challenges, new things to try, etc. now you can organize your brain dump. Go over the goals, make a shopping list of things you're running low on or out on, and make your meal plan and your grocery list. The appointments, events, and holidays fill your calendar up with those.


Go over the goals you set from the previous month. Did you meet those goals? If not write, why, and if you did write down what helped you meet those goals. Make a list of the goals you didn’t get done that month and see if you want to add them to the upcoming month or come back to them after the new month is over. Write what your main focus for the month Is you can pick your mental or physical health, spirituality, career, or relationships.

Clean & Decorate

If it helps you decorate for the month if it has a holiday or if the new season is starting. Clean your main space. We can get behind on cleaning easily take this time clean your office or the living room whatever place you have neglected the most or spend the most time at. This will help you feel motivated and want to make sure that you do it every month. This will help you make it part of your routine.

Digital Declutter

Go through your email and unsubscribe from the ones you no longer want and clean out your inbox. Go through your subscriptions and see what you use and what you don’t. Go through your social media and unfollow people that no longer inspire you or whom you don’t feel the need to follow. Remove all the unused apps from your phone. Delete all the photos and videos taken up your storage.

Finally, Treat yourself. Go have my day or buy yourself something you’ve been wanting.


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