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Love & Other Words Review

This book is very much recommended by TikTok, so I wanted to see if it was worth the hype. I have read from Christina Lauren before and I loved the book it is called In a Holidaze and it is my favorite romance, so I was thinking that this book was going to be just as good or better. I do not think the book was worth the hype, but it was good. The book is a second chance at a romance book. Macy and Elliot grow up together and fall in love with each other, but something happens, and they end up not talking to each other for about 11 years. They end up seeing each other in a coffee shop and that’s how they start to become friends again. The book does jump timelines so one chapter will be about when they were kids and the next will be about the present time for them. The book is very predictable during the whole book you can see how it’s going to end. This made the plot feel like it was dragging just a little bit and made the main character Macy a bit annoying because it is obvious what she wanted too to do, but it took her forever to do it.


Now that I have talked about the main Part of the story we are going to get into some spoilers. When we find out that her mother has died and left a list of rules for her father on how to raise her is the cutest thing. Off the bat when she runs into him for the first time, and we find out that her father died I felt sad for her and the fact that Elliot didn’t know was shocking. For most of the book, I was screaming at her to leave Sean especially when she knew she did not want to touch Sean because she saw Elliot. I do love how mature Sean was about the whole situation. When Elliot told her that he planned to live wherever she lived. I think was the sweetest thing ever. After that, he tells her that he broke up with his girlfriend after he saw her. If he could have broken up with his girlfriend, then she could have called her engagement off with Sean because for one they have only been dating for like 3 months and she knew she wanted to be with Elliot. Even her best friend knew but she kept dragging it and that got annoying. The plot twist with the little h*e Emma I hated but you can see it coming when she decides that she wants to go up there and he calls his friend, and he starts acting weird. She gets up there goes to the party and finds him naked in bed with F**king Emma. She immediately leaves and goes to the vacation house. She was supposed to call her dad when she got there but she forgot because of what happened. Her dad needs up coming up there because she didn’t tell him she got there safely. Her dad finds her, and she is a mess, so they are on their way home and they get into a car accident and her dad dies. Within a 24-hour time frame she finds out the love of her life cheats on her, then her dad dies what the actual f**k. She loses her 2-closet people to her and it's so sad and that’s basically why they do not talk for 11 years, and I can get why. She kind of blames him for her dad dying because if it wasn’t for him her dad would still be there. After all, if he didn’t cheat, she would have called her dad. The one thing that I didn’t like is we do not know if Emma was drunk too or if she just took advantage of him. Overall, the book is a 3.5-star rating. I say this because I was expecting it to be sadder and I wanted to cry but I didn’t. The book is good but not as good as everyone says it is, I do recommend you guys to read it though.


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