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How to Create a Vision board

A vision board is a physical visualization of your goals. Having a visual of your goals can help define your goals, motivate you, train your body and mindset for the reality you want. If you put your vision board somewhere you can see it every day, it will help you stay focused on your goals. You could hang it up in your room, put it in your journal, set it as your phone background, and your computer background.

What to put on your vision board?

The first step to making your vision board is figuring out what your goals are. Now that you have got your goals figured out you can add pictures or quotes on your board. If you want to be more fit you would add pictures of that, or career goals, parenting goals, pictures of your hobbies, educational goals, and your love life goals. If you want, you can also make separate vision boards for the different categories of your life. This is your vision personalize it how you want.

How to make a vision board?

You can either make a vision board with paper or you can make it digital. For one you can hang in your room you will need:

· Corkboard or poster paper

· A printer to print out pictures or you can go to your local office supply store, and they can do it for you there.

· Pins or glue to add pictures a quotes

· Nails or tape to hang it up on the wall

To make a digital version:

· You can make the collage on Canva, Picmonkey, or Procreate

· Create a folder on your computer to put your photos

Where can you get your pictures from?

· Pinterest

· Instagram

· Unsplash

· Google

· Pexels

Now you have all the steps and resources to make your vision board. You can do whatever it is that you put your mind to. Remember to have fun creating the life that you want to live and good luck making your manifestation come true.


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