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How To Build Self-Confidence

Whether people admit it or not most people struggle with self-confidence. Self-confidence is a person's trust in themselves and their ability to do something. Lacking self-confidence can come from our insecurities, people making fun of us, and our fear of something. Self-confidence is something that we must work on it takes time and practice.

Ways to build self-confidence

  • Learn how to love yourself

  • Stop comparing yourself to other people.

  • Be positive in every situation.

  • Stop relying on people to provide your happiness, create the happiness yourself.

  • Be proud of the small things

  • Speak up

  • Accept failure and being wrong.

We like to compare ourselves to other people. We like to think someone is better, prettier than ourselves, smarter, has better hair, has a better nose, etc. This falls into loving yourself once you get that part down a lot of these will fall into place and you will look at other people as your equal. This can be very difficult, but it is something that everyone should do. You can use journaling prompts to help with this. Place sticky notes around your mirror with things that you like about yourself. Try not to be perfect because no one is. Do not ever call yourself names positively think of yourself.

When we start something new or just have an idea, we tend to tell ourselves we cannot do this. We get scared and start to think of everything that could go wrong. We start doubting ourselves. This is where you have to learn to replace these with positive affirmations. This can also tie into being okay with failing. We are not perfect we will not get everything on the first try. Sometimes you are going to have to try different ways or keep doing it don’t give up. Take your failure and learn from it don’t let it hold you back.

Your happiness is one of the most important parts of your confidence. If you rely on your happiness to come from someone else or a thing and not yourself then you dint truly know how to make yourself happy. You can start to practice gratitude, get a notebook, your planner, or the notes app on your phone, list reasons why you smiled or laughed today, and list things that you are grateful for. Try to avoid toxic people and situations that are going to cause you unnecessary stress. Do things that you like to do. Dress the way that makes you happy and comfortable. Do not worry about what other people say about you. It’s not their life, worry about you and your happiness.


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