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House of Earth & Blood Review

House of Earth & Blood (Crescent City book 1) by Sarah J. Maas is her first adult fantasy book. This is only the second book that I have read from her so far. I’m going to start by telling your that I gave this book 5 stars. In this story, we follow a girl named Bryce she is half Fae and half human. She is investigating a murder/theft case. She is assigned the help of a fallen angel named Hunt. The book does start slow and there are so many characters that are at the start of the book. It is set out to be a series so there is a lot of world-building and description of how the magic in the world works. There is magically intertwined with everyday technology. It is a fantasy world, but they still have cell phones and everyday modern technology. Her other books have a lot of smut in it these does but not as much as her A Court of Throne and Roses series. The ending of the story is what got me I did not predict the plot twist and I feel like that is where all the action happens. It broke me and left me with so many questions. Following Bryce and her friends/ family on this journey with love and her mental health is a great story.


Bryce and Danika’s friendship is so cute, and it shows that through love all is possible. When is she Freaking Danika dying I was pissed out of all the people why her, why not one of their other friends.? They have 2 other friends in their friend group named Fury and Juniper. Fury is my least favorite character she is so closed off and when Danika dies, she goes m.i.a on Bryce. Danika’s mother Sabine blaming Bryce for Danika’s death is the first reason why I cannot stand that adducing the whole book she is out to get Bryce and I don’t understand why. Besides Sabine, all the wolfs hate her but I understand because they consider her Connors, but they went a little overboard. Then when we start to find out that Danika was living a double life and Bryce didn’t know I did not want to accept it, so she and Hunt go and follow all of Danika’s last stops when she was alive. They made her out to be a synth junkie and that was the reason that she and the pack died. When I found out that Bryce almost committed suicide when Danika died broke my heart but thank the lord for Juniper being a great friend. In this case, she is assigned to work with Hunt and I have a love and hate relationship with him. His betraying her at the end of the book I hated so much because I was starting to like them together. When he betrayed her, I was hoping that she would just leave him with Sandriel. Her trying to sacrifice herself for him I think was crazy because he did her so dirty so why she would forgive him? The killing of his friend thou I was shocked, and I hated that for him, but they did the stupid plan so it’s their fault. Then he gets unleashed from the chains and tries to save her is so cute. When she is out there trying to get to the gate it really shows what she can do and that she is not weak and not just the party girl everyone thought she was. The fact that they let him free so he and Bryce can get to be together is freaking great. Finding out that she is a princess without the title makes me mad but her being pure starlight is great. It is like a punch in her stupid father's face I just wish that she would have told Rhun about it. I thought that there was going to be something special about her, but I was not expecting the starlight. The part that broke me was when Lehabah tried to save Bryce. Bryce killing Micha has to be the most epic part of the book. Overall this was my favorite book of the year and I can not wait to read the Second book.


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