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Having a Healthy Mindset

Having a healthy mindset is not as hard to get. You just have to want it for yourself. Having a positive mindset can help you improve your 8 dimensions of wellness. These are emotional, physical, spiritual, occupational, financial, environmental, social, and intellectual. If you try to improve yourself in any of these categories, it can help your mindset. Remember to take it day by day and you will see the changes.

How to improve your mindset

  • Social- Get out more. Take your friends, significant other, a family member on a date. Go to a party, cookout, a social event you have been invited to. Surround yourself with positive people and people that care about you and your mental health. Get rid of the negative people in your life. I know that it is easier said than done but I promise that it will help you.

  • Spiritual- Expanding your sense of purpose. If you have a religion, you prefer to practice, implement it in your daily routine. Meditation will also help. It can open your mind and help you relax.

  • Self-Love- practice self-love every day. Your mindset starts with how you view yourself. If you are negatively viewing yourself and self-hating, then you’re not going to have many positive thoughts because it will lead to self-doubt and depression. You can work on the areas of yourself that you don’t like. Place sticky notes around your house or find an app that sends motivating and self-love messages. Rember this change will not happen overnight stay consistent and you will see a change in yourself.

  • Take a BREAK- A lot of us overwork ourselves which is not a bad thing to work hard but sometimes you need a break. It can be mentally draining if you push yourself too much. Take a vacation or just one day to yourself and be lazy or do something that you love. Make this a part of your routine to make your day or a vacation once you’re twice a year.

  • Practice Gratitude- Being thankful for the little things in life helps you appreciate everything. You can make a list in your journal or your phone of something that you are grateful for every day, tell others that you're grateful for them, or you can make a gratitude jar.

  • Living healthier- Changing your lifestyle can give you a boost. Eating healthy and exercising can make you feel better about yourself. Start small go for walks, cut back on your sugar, stop eating fast food, whatever you feel will help start your journey do it.

  • Habits- Giving up your bad habits is hard because we love to be lazy, procrastinate, overwork ourselves, overindulge in things. Take the time to write down things you want to do like reading instead of scrolling through Instagram, take the hour you used to sleep in and exercise, set routines for yourself. Replace all the bad with the good.

  • Intellectual- Tach yourself self-something new. Learning something new that you are excited about can help with motivation. You can also use this as a hobby to keep you busy if you feel like you’re not being productive.

  • Motivation- Motivation is key. Find things that help you stay motivated. Don’t let your failures keep you down use them as a motivational moment. Follow people that inspire you to listen to ted talks and podcasts that are motivating.

Your mindset starts with yourself you must want it. You must believe that you can make the changes in your life and be willing to be consistent and work for it. Come up will rewards for when you meant your goals. You got this.

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