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Goal Setting

Some of us sit down and say we want to do something but are not sure how to do it. Some of us have so much we want to do that we don’t know where to start. This is where goal setting comes in. If you sit down and write out what you want to do it can help you accomplish your goals.

To start you need to ask yourself these questions:

· Why are you doing this?

· How is this going to help you?

· What are your strengths and weakness?

· What does success look like to you?

· What has worked for you before?

Categorizing goals

After you answer these, you can start to plan out your goals. If you have goals in more than one area of your life you going to want to categorize them. For example, A personal growth section, then one for health and fitness, one for finances, a section for academic goals, and one for your home.

Breaking down goals

You want to break down your goals into smaller tasks. So, if you want to start a YouTube, you’re going to need a name, a camera, a video editor, and you’re going to have to brainstorm video ideas. Breaking them helps you reach your goal step by step and causes less stress.


First, you need to determine if a goal is going to be short-term or a long-term goal. Then you should prioritize them so if your YouTube is very important to you then that is the one you are going to start with. You now have your goals set now you need to give them a deadline. If you are starting your YouTube channel, you’re going to give yourself a month to start it or 2 weeks to get started.


So, you have the goals categorized, broken down into smaller tasks, and set a time limit for them. You now need to identify anything that is going to be an obstacle. For YouTube, you’re going to need the internet to upload your video, but your internet is down so what do you do now? You going to have to plan for these so in this case, you could go to a friend’s house or Starbucks or somewhere you know that has free internet.


Getting a reward is always nice so why not give yourself a reward system. For every few tasks, you finish you get something small. Once you finish the goal you can give yourself a bigger prize. Doing this will help you stay motivated to keep working towards your goals.


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