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With the season changing, many things in our lives are also changing. We can get so busy that we forget to enjoy ourselves. I have a few tips for you to start enjoying your own company this fall season.

1. Stop and enjoy the sight of fall

- Take deep breaths, smell the nice fall crisp hair and enjoy the beautiful fall colors.

- Take fall pictures of the leaves falling, your coffee, or you in a cute fall outfit

2. Update your wardrobe

-You can go shopping for new clothes or thrifting. You can grab a new pair of bootie, a new sweater, a new cardigan, a new hoodie, and a new thermal set.

3. Treat yourself

- Make something that reminds you of the fall. It could be a cake, bread, warm cider, tea, coffee, or anything pumpkin flavored.

-Light your home with candles, they do not have to be scented if you don't want them to be.

- Buy new scented fall candles.

- Buy fall-scented hygiene products.

- Buy new fall decorations for the house.

- Update your skincare routine

- Buy fall makeup.

4. Start your Holiday Shopping

-Start making your holiday wishlist

- Plan for black Friday/ cyber Monday

5. Journal

- You can write about whatever you please but if you need some help there are some journal prompts that can help you.

6. Do something you enjoy

- Watch movies that put you in a fall mood

- Start a new hobbies

- Create a fall workout routine

_ Make a fall reading list

- Find fall activities to do with your family.

7. Do a fall cleanout

-Get your new 2023 planner

- Put away your summer clothes.

- Get rid of the things around your house you no longer need ( clean out the junk draw)

- Change the sheets and comforter on your bed.


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