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I wouldn't say I liked this book at first but it got so good. It is a great summer read and I can not wait to read more from this author.

I have been obsessed with these pants from Pretty Little Thing. They are a decent stretch but they fit amazingly. This is my first pair of jeans from then but I will be buying more.

If your looking for a point-and-shoot camera this is it. It takes great pictures and videos and has a flip screen so that way you can see yourself. The zoom works great and has removable filters installed. The camera is lightweight so it can be taken everywhere and the battery life is pretty good, It is able to connect to your phone to send pictures and use your phone for remote shooting.

This helps pull moisture from the air to your skin. I make my face feel moisturized and layer easily with my other skin care products. I can layer my makeup on top of it with no problems.

Honestly, I just think it's super cute. It does work for keeping your drinks cold. The longest I have had something cold in there was for 2 days and it stayed cold.


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