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Curly Hair Routine

Updated: May 31, 2022

Having a hair routine is very important. It is hard to try to create because with hair products just using something once or twice is not going to show results, you need to use it multiple times and be consistent with it. Depending on the type of product it is, it can take up to 1-2 months to start seeing results. Treatments, shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in conditioners are the type of products you should use multiple times and stay consistent with if you want to see results. Styling products you can usually use 1-5 times before you realize that this is not the product for you.

When you create a routine, you need to look at your hair. You need to figure out your hair texture so you could have straight, curly, or wavy hair. If you have curly hair, it is also good to figure out your curl pattern. Then you need to look at what your hair needs and what you want for your hair. You may need more protein or moisture. You may need help with growing your hair, making your hair fuller, curling definition, you might need help with dandruff, frizz, shine, or hair loss prevention. You’re going to want to start to look at formulas and see what you may not want in a formula. For a lot of curly-haired ladies, they like to stay away from sulfates, and silicones because they are not good for the curls. Along with these price is also important because things can get expensive. You can pick and choose which steps in the routine are most important to you and splurge on those items first. Then get less expensive items in other parts of the routine.



Shampoos are made up of cleansing agents to get the excess oils, debris, and product build-up out of the hair. Once again formula here is important as a curly girl some do not use sulfates, most products are made with fragrance so you might prefer a certain smell or none, some may need help with dandruff so look at the ingredient is important. To apply shampoo first get your hair soaking wet massage the shampoo on the scalp and then work it down the length of the hair. You should not bunch your hair on top of your hair because it can create tangles.


Conditioners are usually used for moisturizing the hair. They also can add a protective coating to the hair follicles. These are made up of oils, silicones, and emollients. Formulas are essential here as well having silicones in a conditioner can weigh down curly hair and prevent other products used after form doing their jobs. You’re going to want to look at if they have proteins, give shine, reduce frizz, help split ends, and will help detangle.


Hair treatments help manage common hair problems. Doing a treatment can help with chemical damage and heat damage. They can help reconstruct hair by using protein-based products. You can get these done in a salon these treatments are recommended for chemically damaged hair. The other most common one is moisture. These are recommended for dry and frizzy hair. These can help prevent heat damage if you blow-dry, use a curling iron, hair straightener, or another hot tool. These should be applied for 20- 30 minutes and can be used with a heat cap to help penetrate the formula into the cuticles.


Taking care of your hair is a hard process at first. You are trying to figure out what products to use and what your hair likes. Do your research and listen to your hair pay attention to how it reacts to different products. It is best not to try a bunch of new products at once because then you’re not going to know what is working and what is not. You should be washing your hair at least once a week. Set a day of the week to take care of your hair.


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