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Creating a daily routine

What is a routine?

It is a sequence of actions that a person does regularly.

Why do you need a routine?

Making yourself a routine can help increase productivity because it adds structure to your day, it gives you the feeling of accomplishing something even if it's just washing clothes. It helps you manage your time better, so you dint fill your day with a bunch of nothing.

Types of routines

There are different types of routines. You can have a different routine like one to set the tone for your morning, a nighttime one, one for your workouts, cleaning, and school. You can make a routine for your skincare or a spiritual one, one for self-development or a work routine.

Now how do you make a routine for yourself?

First, you want to make sure that it aligns with your lifestyle. So, if you know you are not a morning person, you’re not going to start your morning routine at 7 am unless you want to start waking up that early. Then you would fill your routine up with habits like journaling in the morning, reading, planning out your day. You can also fill it with other routines so your skincare routine can be a part of your morning routine or your workout routine.

Making time

Now that you have what you want in your routine you need to sit down and schedule out your day. If you have a doctor’s appointment or a meeting you may have to adjust your routine. Say you have to work out to get a good start to your day, so you won’t have time to read or journal. Cutting them out and prioritizing your to-do list is important. You can always go back and add what you missed to a later time in your schedule if it is that important to get it done.

If you want to start something, do it now. Do not wait until next week next month or tomorrow. Do not be a procrastinator start your routine today. Set your deadlines, make your schedule start those habits. Get in the mindset to mold your life because you oversee yourself and doing these things can help you.


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