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Being Productive Without Being Productive

Sometimes we get into a funk and don't want to do anything. That is okay, but when it becomes a habit that's when it is a problem. Sometimes we just aren't motivated but we can d little things to help us get back into things.

  1. Clean your car

  2. Clean your room

  3. Paint/ draw

  4. Read a book

  5. Declutter your phone

  6. Start a blog

  7. Start a new hobby

  8. Learn a new skill

  9. Plan out your week

  10. Paint your nails

  11. Do a new hairstyle

  12. Do laundry

  13. Work on current goals

  14. Go for a walk

  15. Learn about finances

  16. Plan your budget

  17. Start a journal

  18. Create a vision board

  19. Make a new daily routine

  20. Redecorate

  21. Clean out your fridge

  22. Clean out your closet

  23. Learn a new recipe

  24. Start couponing

  25. Research things that interest you


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